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  • Inspiration

    calming your inner critic

    Manage your inner critic to champion your inner strength.


    Achieve your goals

    Inspiro's tool will provide you with followup and action reminders to help you achieve your goals.

    At Your Fingertips

    Messaging Platform Compatibility

    Inspiro is always with you via SMS or your favorite messenger.

  • Inspiro Insights

    All the things that matter to you!


    A Seat at the Table

    Excel in the workplace. Grow your worth and maximize your potential.


    Healthy Love

    Emotional Intelligence is key. Let Inspiro up your EQ.


    You are Enough

    Not everybody will remind you of how awesome you are. Thankfully Inspiro can’t forget.

  • How?

    The new tool to help women get things done!

    You will be able to interact with Inspiro via a chat interface.

  • WHY NOW?

    You/Women deserve to be recognized.

    FACT 1

    Women, despite education and experience, lack equal opportunities in comparison to their male counterparts.

    FACT 2

    46% of Fortune 1000 women named gender-based stereotypes and

    biases as a barrier to success

    Fact 3

    In corporate America, women fall behind early and continue to lose ground with every step

    Fact 4

    Women of color face even more barriers in comparison to men (all races), and white women.









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